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Unleash your creativity


UltraSync BLUE is simple, low-cost, and has the potential to synchronise any camera or sound recording device with Bluetooth®connectivity. There are no cables and no mounting issues, giving you more freedom to shoot from creative angles with smaller, more mobile cameras. It can even sync iPhones.

UltraSync BLUE is our first product to synchronise over Bluetooth®. Once connected, timecode is transmitted wirelessly from the UltraSync BLUE directly into the media file of connected devices. By removing the restrictions of a wired connection, crews not only benefit from extra convenience, but also get even more versatility to choose how they sync. Use a single UltraSync BLUE unit to sync up to four recording devices shooting in close range over Bluetooth®. Or alternatively, connect the UltraSync BLUE to a Timecode Systems RF network and sync to other camera and audio recorders using Timecode Systems units on the same channel.

  • A patented, timing protocol delivers unparalleled accuracy for the exchange of timecode over Bluetooth®.
  • After first set-up, UltraSync BLUE automatically recognises your device.
  • Use one UltraSync BLUE to feed frame-accurate timecode to up to four devices filming in close range (up to 10m) over Bluetooth®.
  • Or, use long-range RF to sync multiple UltraSync BLUEs, or to sync to other Timecode Systems products.
  • Timecode is embedded into the media file and automatically recognised by professional NLEs.


What does UltraSync BLUE work with?

  • We’re launching UltraSync BLUE initially for iPhones, and the Zoom F8n and H2n sound recorders. However the possibilities are endless for integration with professional, prosumer and consumer sound and video equipment using Bluetooth® wireless technology. We’re working with a variety of manufacturers and app developers to adopt our Bluetooth protocol so watch this space.


  • Mavis is a free professional filmmaking camera app for the iPhone. Download the app for free, and once paired with an UltraSync BLUE the Mavis timecode bundle is unlocked automatically for free. UltraSync BLUE generates frame-accurate timecode that is wirelessly transmit from the UltraSync BLUE to the connected iPhone. This metadata is embedded directly into media files generated from video shot on the MAVIS app.
  • Apogee’s MetaRecorder is a two-channel audio recording app for the iPhone. Pair an UltraSync BLUE with an iPhone using MetaRecorder to enable frame-accurate timecode to be embedded directly into the sound media captured by MetaRecorder.


  • It’s not all about what you see. Multidimensional sound is just as powerful. UltraSync BLUE makes it easy to add separately recorded sound to your video, so what you see and hear is in perfect synchronisation. Simply connect the UltraSync BLUE over Bluetooth® to a Zoom F8n or H2n to add frame-accurate timecode to your sound recordings, and synchronise with your cameras for a hassle-free edit.

Can I sync my iPhone?

  • iPhones are a low-cost and effective way to capture video content and add additional camera angles to a shoot. But without accurate timecode, editing together footage from multiple iPhones takes a huge amount of time and effort because aligning the recordings so they are synchronised is an awkward, manual process.
  • UltraSync BLUE makes it simple to accurately combine, align and edit video and audio content recorded on iPhones into high quality, multicamera content.

Fast set-up. Hassle-free sync

  • Remembers paired devices (unless you instruct it to ‘forget’), so after initial set-up, you’ll be ready to record straight away.
  • Has an intuitive, on-screen menu so you can to set up your sync simply, without having to load a separate app.
  • Stays in sync without re-jamming. Once the green light is flashing and timecode is running on the display, you can put the UltraSync BLUE to one side and focus on capturing great content, confident that sync is one less thing to worry about.

Who needs it?

  • Whether you’re filming a wedding, a vlog, an independent film, the news, a reality show, television documentary, or even a feature film, the UltraSync BLUE offers the power of professional sync in a compact, wireless product that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and affordable enough to be used on any type of production.
  • For professional crews
    • UltraSync BLUE makes it easy and efficient to integrate prosumer and consumer cameras and audio equipment seamlessly into a professional filming environment
  • For aspiring filmmakers…
    • Using UltraSync BLUE makes it simple to accurately align and edit video and audio, allowing you to create multicamera content that will push your videos to a whole new level.

Work smarter with BLINK Hub

  • Connect to the BLINK Hub app with a BLINK capable master to status monitor, control and customise the settings of UltraSync BLUE units on your network remotely from any smartphone, tablet or Mac.


Size : 55mm x 44mm x 17mm

Weight : 36g

Power : 20+ hours battery life


Sync up to four devices filming in close range over Bluetooth®.

Range : approximately 200m


USB-C : For firmware updates and external power


Display : 128 x 32 pixels OLED display

FPS : 23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 30.0D, 30.00, 29.97D, 29.97

Frequency : 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

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