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7 channels On-Air mixer with software for high quality WEB radio


MiniMixer - Air Console for WEB radio-Visual Radio and community FM

MiniMixer is a complete WEB radio… in a box!


KEY Features

  • Professional 7-channel console with conductive ceramic “soft touch” faders and illuminated buttons. 
    • 4 MIC + LIN Digital USB with compressor
    • Stereo AUX line
  • USB connection to PC
  • 2 Hybrids (Telephone + cellular with Bluetooth)
  • Intercom
  • Tally
  • Speakers mute
  • Dialer
  • 4 headphones outputs
  • Independent MIC recording output when console is On-Air 



Only MiniMixer provides these benefits

MiniMixer handles cell phones wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 with high fidelity sound

This is great for journalism, since it is possible to connect the console in seconds with the private cell phone of a journalist or special guest with personal contacts whose confidential phone number do NOT want to reveal. Then you will be able to interview a high official or a famous artist. People who would NOT answer if called from an unknown number.


MiniMixer has microphone audio compressors and an illuminated Master MIC button to send all 4 MICs on the air

This allows to level the sound of all the people who speak without moving attenuators, facilitating the operation and allowing the operator to also be a speaker. No console in its class offers this facility. An illuminated AIR button connects all 4 microphones simultaneously


Conductive Ceramic Faders that last a lifetime

Common consoles have carbon type faders that must be continually changed with expensive services. The MiniMixer employs the new Conductive Ceramic fader technology that last a lifetime . 


MiniMixer is built in an aluminium cabinet

The cabinet for the amateur mixers are plastic ... to lower costs. It allows that radio interference (EMI) goes to air as background noise. The MiniMixer has a thick metal cabinet that stops all the EMI interference



MiniMixer includes Audicom MX software

Ideal for Integrated Radio Studios (operator and announcers), it can be mounted without drilling the table due to its low profile of 25 mm, or flush mounted. Their illuminated buttons avoid operational errors. Audicom MX software play commercials and music tracks manually or fully automatically by displaying the exact airing time on the CyberPlay. A powerful Scheduler AutoDJ online generates, through Artificial Intelligence, the musical programming so as not to repeat the themes and give preference to the hits of the moment. It alternates precisely with themes from the selected authors and from the interpreters and rhythms that were programmed. It can work alone days and days. When it works in manual mode, it has several open playlists and also a keypad LiveAssist with coloured buttons that each operator can create for the different programs of your WEB radio

The MiniMixer is able to be operated with a mouse. But if you wish, the Audicom is created to handle touch screen video monitors (TouchScreen) that give you fast and precise operation unthinkable in a system of this low price. The advanced keypads LiveAssist will be an important help in operating the radio while speaking into the microphone. Only Solidyne with its technology makes the dream of One-man radio

Solidyne, with 50 years of experience, is in charge of advising you and providing all the equipment of your WEB radio, to have a single responsible company . We even give you FREE streaming for 3 months from ALSOLNET, the leading company, to be broadcasting with the best existing technology.


At any time you can turn your MiniMixer into a Visual Radio

If you want to know in 5 minutes the advantages of having a Visual Radio, click the button below ▼


MiniMixer including Audicom Video software

At any time you want you can enter the world of Visual Radio. A technology created by Solidyne in 2013 and adopted today in many countries. Without going off the air, remotely, we will install new software that will allow you to program your recorded music videos and commercial video advertising and use the rental service of Close RadioTV for handling high definition USB cameras with auto-focus. A service that includes transmission to social networks and global streaming with servers in Europe and the USA. You can manage the TV cameras from the PC or remotely from a cell phone. But if you prefer to switch automatically the cameras focusing the person who is talking, you can use the version MiniMixer / AVcam for handling 4 cameras

The MiniMixe/AV can also Manage your radio and automatically create all the advertising batches at the exact times using the commercial file of each client and the preferred times. This Traffic System will allow billing of all the announcements sent to the air, including the advertisements read by the announcers.


For more info on the software, select the ATTACHMENTS TAB above



The rear panel has standard connectors commonly used in audio with easy to get cables, as well as insert connectors for inserting audio processors or software processors (VST plug-in)


The MiniMixer already includes internal audio compressors to level the sound of your WEBradio. But in addition, the INSERT connectors allow you to add external audio processors at any time.

For example, to improve the sound of your streaming or small FM using a Solidyne 362 HD 3-band processor created to have a constant level of audio with HD Radio digital quality

Also, if you so desire, you can enter the world of VST software processors (Virtual Studio Tech). .To do this, connect a PC audio card that handles ASIO in INSERT and you can have a large number of effect processors such as Reverb, Vocoder, Effects special features, or the possibility of using software audio processors for your WEB radio.


  • Digital stereo line input to Mixer using USB and Digital Program Out USB to PC for streaming
  • Analog MIC input using high performance EMI protected Opamps with analog stereo PGM Out
  • Feedback controlled gain preamps: It never clips the audio signal at any fader position



  • 4 x MIC dynamic IN. Fader # 3 has dual input preamp for MIC 3 + Mic 4 // Level = -75 to -25 dBu
  • USB digital input from PC at fader # 4 (when not using USB it auto-switches to Stereo Line)
  • Telephone Line to Hybrid: For standard POT land lines. VoIP internet phone can be used with external FXS adapter, non-included
  • Cellular Smartphone input using Bluetooth 4.0 (30-8,000 Hz full range voice quality)
  • Stereo Line, switched between Telephone / Line or Fader # 4 auto-switch // Level -10 / + 20 dBu
  • Insert In / Out for audio processor or external stereo devices // Level + 4 dBu



  • Stereo Program Output // Analog, unbal, + 4dBu // Max level + 14 dBu // Z> 5 Kohms
  • USB Digital Stereo Program Out to PC
  • MIC mixer Out for Recording at PC // -10 dBu / 10k
  • 4 x Headphones Out (16-32-600 ohms) // Level + 5 dBu / 50 ohms
  • Muted speakers out (replaces Headphone # 1)
  • 12V / 120ma LED Tally Light
  • Optional SmartCam USB out for Audicom & Close camera switching



  • Internal MIC at MiniMixer. Communication with Studio, Headphones, Telephone and Cellphone for private phone attention. Telephone keyboard for calling to phone lines without external phone sets.



  • Frequency response MIC to PGM Out: 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB Plus anti-pop -3 dB @ 30 Hz
  • Frequency response digital USB to PGM out: 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB
  • NOISE: MIC Equivalent input noise: - 120 dBA // Line input S / N = 90 dBA
  • MIC COMPRESSOR: Compression range 0 - 20 dB // Attac time = 5 mS // Release = 200 mS
  • DISTORTION: USB Line Input to USB PGM Out <0.02% THD at 1 KHz
  • Microphone at -50 dBu to analog PGM out <0.1% THD



  • Frequency response 300 - 3400 Hz +/- 1dB
  • Rejection:> 40 dB at 1 kHz with Null set at rear panel
  • Noise> 60 dBA S / N



  • External Switching 90 - 240 V 50/60 HZ 12V / 1A



  • Rear connector for insertion at PGM out of audio processors or external devices at + 4 dBu level. This insertion allows connecting an external ASIO audio card USB for using at PC a  VST plug-ins for effects or multi band processing

Brochure (MiniMixer_brochure.pdf, 909 Kb) [Download]

Software (MiniMixerSoftware.pdf, 646 Kb) [Download]

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