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Single channel HD-Voice, digital EQ, USB control


This is a telephone hybrid for the mobile telephone network. It provides 100% separation of the caller send and return audio signals using balanced 3-pin XLR connections. Narrowband 3.4kHz calls are possible using the 2G GSM and 3G UMTS networks; 7kHz HD Voice calls are possible using compatible 3G UMTS and 4G LTE networks with a HD compatible device at each end of the call. The GSM hybrid acts as a normal telephone hybrid when calling land-lines. There is digital processing control of the phone signal with echo cancelling, digital EQ control, and configurable automatic gain control.

The GSM hybrid is a half-width 1U high unit that has an optional rack mounting kit for two units. The front panel has a full size SIM card slot for the network SIM card. There are two SMA aerial connections for mounting the included aerials on the front panel. It also has a large push button for call connection and disconnection.

The rear panel has a 3-pin balanced male XLR for the output connection and a 3-pin balanced XLR female for the input connection. There are two separate 6.35mm jack sockets: one for GPO ring signaling control and one for GPI control of the connect switch. A type-B USB socket connects to a PC for all dialling and remote control functions. There is a 5 pin connector for 12V DC power connection using the included power supply.

A comprehensive software application is included for remote control and configuration. This includes input and output metering, level control, dialling, number recognition, and signal strength indication.


  • HD-Voice (AMR-WB/G722.2)
  • Balanced Audio in/Out
  • Echo cancelling
  • Digital EQ Control
  • Configurable AGC
  • PC control application via USB


  • Input and output level meters (ppm)
  • Input and output gain adjust
  • Phone dialling
  • Number recognition
  • GPIO configuration
  • GSM signal strength indicator


* Free downloadable software included. Excludes SIM card

  • Line input: Balanced, 20k ohms, +22dBu maximum
  • Output: Balanced, 50 ohm, +21.5dBu maximum
  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 7kHz
  • USB: USB 1.1
  • GPO: Opto FET 60V/550mA, Pmax=500mW
  • GPI: Pulldown to ground
  • GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Manual (95-8689_D_R-gsm-hybrid-manual-1.3.pdf, 1,885 Kb) [Download]

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