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An essential “Tool of the Trade"


The Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass is an essential “Tool of the Trade” for professional set lighting. It is designed to allow you to locate the center of your key light or “hot spot” to accurately determine where to position lighting to achieve optimum coverage.

The Alan-Gordon Enterprises Blue Gaffer's Glass is designed to assist professional lighting designers during setup. The pocket-sized lens has a neutral density rating of 3.8 and is held up to one's eye giving users a clearer picture as to how the shot is lit. The glass can also reveal the location of the sun behind clouds. Additionally, the Gaffer's Glass is ideal for revealing the condition of tungsten light filaments.


Key Features

  • Neutral Density Equivalent of 3.8
  • Simple Tool for Evaluating Light Sources
  • The glass can be useful in finding the center of your light output
  • Useful for finding position of the sun when it is behind clouds




  • By holding the Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass™ up to one eye while standing no less than 10 ft away from the source of the light, you can look through the Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass™ into your key light while your assistant focuses the light to your liking. This will give you a precise pattern for where your light will be thrown, it also gives you an idea of drop off and voids.
  • The Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass™ is also used to check the condition of light filament, and to locate the sun when it is behind clouds. The Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass™ is not designed to look directly at the sun. Use it only to locate the sun through clouds.
  • The Blue Ring Gaffer’s Glass™ features 6061 aluminum with anodized finish, glass has a 3.8 density with UV inhibitor, and a 36″ lanyard to be conveniently worn around the neck. This tool is a must have for all Gaffer’s and DP’s Worldwide.
ND Range 3.8
Material of Construction Housing: Blue colored 6061 aluminum
Dimensions Glass Diameter: 1.50" / 3.81 cm
Eyepiece Diameter: 2.13" / 5.40 cm
  • Alan Gordon Enterprises Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass
  • 36" (92cm) Long Lanyard
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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