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Fostex DV824 DVD RAM & Hard Drive Recorder in excellent condition with manual


DV824 DVD Multitrack Recorder

The next generation of standalone multitrack recorders is here, and provides supreme quality 8-track recording to standard-size DVD-RAM discs in a unique package representing the very forefront of multitrack recorder design.
But, then again, you would expect nothing less from Fostex.

Market Leaders
Starting with the 8-track D80 almost 10 years ago and continuing with today’s acclaimed 24-track D2424LV, Fostex have been driving the standalone HD-based multitrack market forward through innovation and refinement. Now, with the experienced gained in implementing state-of-the-art DVD-RAM recording technology into the revolutionary DV40 Master Recorder and industry standard PD-6 DVD Location Recorder, Fostex present the new D824 DVD-RAM based multitrack.

DVD-RAM Technology
The DVD-RAM format has fast become the format of choice among audio, video and film professionals around the world. It has built-in error correction, (enhanced by ‘Verify/Write’ technology which constantly examines the recorded data being stored on DVD-RAM), is durable, and has longevity. It therefore seemed only natural to use the technology for a brand new breed of multitrack recorder.

Innovative Modular Approach
Fostex have identified that different applications require different interfacing options. For example, TV show recording will require timecode facilities, whereas live stage recording will not. Taking a leaf out of desktop computer design and to broaden the appeal of the machine across multiple applications and environments, the DV824 employs a unique modular card-frame approach. Primary recording and playback functions, along with metering, user interface and disc management, are all handled by the powerful mainframe, with additional functionality, (such as timecode), available via plug-in cards. This allows the DV824 to be tailored precisely to accommodate diverse applications with plug-in options available for Timecode / Bi-phase facilities, IEEE1394 interface for direct data transfer to/from PC or Mac, and internal Hard Disk for dual disk recording with auto backup. - With the DV824 you only pay for the features and functionality you actually need. However, there is a lot more to the DV824 than its unique card-frame construction.

Predictable Sonic Quality
First there is the excellent audio quality offered by the high-definition recording engine which offers multitrack recording in one of six audio formats up to 24bit / 96kHz. Then there’s the full compliment of balanced analog I/O and AES/EBU digital I/O, the programmable playback feature (ideal for telecine playback), the comprehensive headphone monitoring, the smart file administration and Ethernet networking.

In addition, the DV824 can be powered via AC or DC current, making it ideal for on-cart location applications, and it employs the same BWF file format and UDF disk format as other Fostex DVD-RAM machines for excellent PC/Mac compatibility.

Finally, there’s the intuitive operation, thanks to a user interface which combines a 132 x 64 dot LCD display, positive-action buttons / switches, large LED time indicator, 18-bar level metering and intelligently written software.

Supremely Versatile
Ready for TV show recording, live stage recording, small event playback, large scale live theatre SE playback, on-cart location sound recording, telecine playback and more, the new Fostex DV824 is probably the most versatile multitrack ever designed.

In Detail

  • 8-Track Recording and playback to and from industry standard DVD-RAM media
  • Up to 8-track simultaneous recording at 24bit/48kHz
  • Up to 4-track simultaneous recording at 24bit/96kHz
  • Slim line chassis - just 2U high - for easy handling & installation
  • Analog balanced XLR inputs and outputs for all 8 channels
  • AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs for connection to analog and digital audio mixers
  • Flexible AC or DC (for location use) power operation. Supplied with AC adapter (AD-15C) as standard.
  • BWF file format and UDF disk format combine for excellent PC/Mac compatibility
  • Playback of disks recorded on both DV40 and PD-6.
  • 132x64 dot-matrix LCD display
  • Large LED time display and 18-bar level meters.
  • High-speed 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for data transfer via the media network
  • Multiple DV824’s can be controlled by a master DV824 through the 9-pin remote connector
  • Dedicated front-panel USB keyboard input for easy file naming and editing.
  • Flexible programmable playback function
  • Optional* Timecode/Sync (Model 8348) card allows for both internally-generated and external timecode with +/-1ppm accuracy to be integrated into the recording process. An LTC offset can be set independently for each file
  • Bi-Phase input included on Timecode/Sync card for synchronization to film projectors
  • Optional 40GB Hard Drive (Model 9057) or 80GB Hard Drive (Model 9058) allows for Dual Disk Recording as well as Auto Backup functions
  • Optional* IEEE1394/USB 2.0 card (Model 8370) will be available for fast data transfer to/from PC/Mac
  • Auto New File function to automatically separate files when EXT TC leaps. Good for copying audio from DAT source.
  • iXML metadata implementation
  • Multiple media recording modes including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW (copying via internal HD)
  • ES Bus mode which allows the user to link multiple machines from the master unit. Metadata flows from the master to the slave units with a machine designator written in the file header.
  • Seamless New File mode to allow the machine to create a new file once the designated file length has been reached
  • New File mode offers the user to instantly create a new file while recording
  • Auto Save function to add an additional level of safety in the event of loss of power. The DV824 will preserve and examine the data every minute during recording.
  • *=standard in some selected countries
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