Used Gear

PRO GEAR SA offers a safe, trusted and specialised intermediary service for the sale of second-hand film and sound equipment in South Africa. 


    • The SELLER completes the form below providing all the required information.
    • Should the item meet out minimum requirements, PRO GEAR SA shall list the item(s) together with the provided images, prices, notes etc on the website under the USED GEAR tab.
  • FEES
    • PRO GEAR SA shall charge a 10% commission for each completed transaction.
    • The SELLER shall be liable for all courier costs occasioned by the transaction.
    • A VAT invoice shall be provided by PRO GEAR SA.
    • PRO GEAR SA offers a money back guarantee should the BUYER not be completely satisfied with the purchase and on condition that PRO GEAR SA’s returns policy is adhered to. 
    • After visiting the website and identifying the item, the BUYER adds this item to their shipping cart and pays for the purchase upon checkout (as per normal practice on the website).
    • The PRO GEAR SA team informs the SELLER of the sale. 
    • Once the payment from the BUYER has been received by PRO GEAR SA, the PRO GEAR SA couriers are dispatched to collect the item from the SELLER and deliver it to the BUYER.
    • Once the BUYER receives the item, he / she has 24 hours to inspect the item and confirm that it is the item as advertised. Once this confirmation is received by PRO GEAR SA, payment of the purchase price less commission and courier charges will be made to the SELLER 
    • After expiration of the 24 hour period, the transaction will be deemed to be completed and payment of the purchase price less commission and courier charges will be made to the SELLER 
    • Should the BUYER, upon inspection of the item,  not be completely satisfied with the purchase, it can be returned to the SELLER on condition that:
      • the BUYER contacts the PRO GEAR SA team within 24 hours of receiving the item.
    • After being contacted by the BUYER, PRO GEAR SA shall dispatch their courier to the BUYER's location to collect the item and return it to PRO GEAR SA offices. Once the item is received, the money is returned to the BUYER's account.
    • Returns will only be accepted if the item is not as advertised. Should the item be as advertised but the BUYER has changed his / her mind, they will be liable for the courier costs incurred to get the item back to the SELLER. (This fee will be deducted from the initial payment made before refunding).
    • Should the item be “not as advertised”, it will be held at the offices of PRO GEAR SA until such time as the SELLER has paid ALL courier costs to get the item returned to them. The BUYER will be fully reimbursed. No commission will be taken by PRO GEAR SA. Once the courier costs have been paid by the SELLER, the item will be returned.
    • Should the item in question be an erroneous purchase by the BUYER, ALL courier costs occasioned by the purchase and return shall be deducted from the purchase price received and the balance thereof shall be refunded to the BUYER. The PRO GEAR SA team shall duly inform the SELLER of the unsuccessful sale.


  1. PRO GEAR SA aims to create a smooth and simple transactional process for both BUYER and SELLER and therefore encourages all parties to be certain of the transaction before concluding same.
  2. Insurance : The BUYER must insure the newly purchased gear under their own insurance profile / portfolio before it is shipped from PRO GEAR SA to them. PRO GEAR SA will not be held liable for any loses, damages or the like.
  3. Any legal costs incurred will be for the relevant parties involved. PRO GEAR SA is excluded from any liability.
  4. Packaging : The shipper is responsible for packaging in accordance with the courier company requirements.
  5. By listing your gear and other items online and / or purchasing gear and other items online you agree to these TERMS and CONDITIONS as laid out herein, as well as the general TERMS and CONDITIONS as listed on the PRO GEAR SA website.

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