(up to 60 months depending on order value)


All of our products are also offered on a long term RENTAL basis. There are 2 options available:

  1. RENT TO OWN (39 months)
  2. RENT TO RETURN (36 months)

Owning high-end equipment is an extremely costly exercise, placing most items beyond the reach of many filmmakers, freelancers and technicians. At Pro Gear SA we are determined to change this. We’ve sourced innovative financing solutions to help you access the gear that you need. 

Our one exciting solution is the RENT TO OWN option. Although each solution on offer is specifically tailored to address filmmakers’ unique requirements, the RENT TO OWN option is the way forward. It frees up your hard-earned cash whilst offering you a solution to own the best gear around. 

Instead of using your hard earned cash, our financiers will buy the product/s and rent it to you at a small monthly fee. This makes much sense from an accounting angle, as well as allows you to use the best equipment without having to invest huge sums of money, or being beholden to a bank or investor.

Let us help you purchase the top of the range gear, or build up an entire kit. 



  • Only corporate and business clients will be considered:
    • Sole Traders - but at higher rates due to CPA regulations
    • Closed Corporations - cc
    • Companies - (Pty) Ltd
    • Trusts
  • Minimum period in business : 3 years
  • Funding required : under R80k
    • Client owns fixed property : just credit application
    • No property owned : last 3 months bank statements  
  • Funding required : over R80k ….. latest set of audited financial statements required



  • Choose a pre-defined kit (below) and send us an email from the kit page.
  • Create your own kit by adding products to your cart and checking out. You will be presented with various option during checkout where you can choose the rental option.


More about our financiers:
  • Our financiers provide specialist asset funding to help you and your customers achieve your business goals in the most economical and hassle-free manner. They are specialists in asset funding and are driven to help you attain your business goals both economically and without hassle. Unlike banks, they focus on understanding, considering and including all the costs associated with your purchase. As a commercial financier for government, parastatals, multinational corporations, as well as public and private companies, they are focused on the overall future implications of your business’ assets and equipment. They recognise the importance of sound, mutually beneficial relationships.

    Great partnerships are built on integrity and trust. Their policy of complete transparency across the board defines the way they do business. They are innovative thinkers delivering dynamic, dependable financial solutions, together with accountability and reliability. The resourceful team are willing to go the extra mile to deliver proficient asset finance services and take pride in the company’s core values of ethics, integrity, trustworthiness and reliability.

    Our financiers proven credentials are firmly based on a foundation of fundamental values and attention to detail. Their expert capabilities, experience and energetic approach to asset finance deliver results every time.


Below are some ready-kits we have put together, but please feel free to send us an email with your own gear list. CLICK HERE to send us your list.

You are able to add and add gear as needed, and we will also strive to replace "old" gear with new at the end of the rental period, and in that way, you are not stuck with redundant / old kit.


  • Proof of insurance will need to be shown. This remains your responsibility for the entire rental period; usually around 3 years or so.



  1. Wisycom ENG Dual kit - complete. INCLUDING all accessories. CLICK HERE

  2. Wisycom ENG Dual kit - complete. NO accessories. CLICK HERE

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