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Battery Distribution System. (1) DC input (TA4M) and (6) locking coaxial outlets. Fused, low battery indicator and more. Meter port and USB not included


The BDSv4 Battery Distribution System from Remote Audio is an effective device for distributing power to field recording devices, cameras, mixers, and monitoring devices via a single source such as an Anton Bauer "Brick" or an NP-1 battery. This allows you to power multiple items from a single source, and turn them on and off with a single switch

The BDSv4 features 1 power input, 5 switchable outputs, and 1 output that can be set for switchable or non-switchable use, for a total of 6 outputs. All connections lock securely in place and a recessed master switch and power LED indicator are located on the side. There is also a low battery LED indicator, which has a selectable warning threshold. An internal auto-resetting circuit breaker prevents overload and possible damage to connected devices. An assortment of power cables are available for complete compatibility with various batteries and field devices



All input and output cables, and other accessory devices designed for earlier versions of the BDS are also compatible with the BDSv4


Key Features


  • Ultra-Compact
    • The compact design allows terrific portability, and is even smaller than the previous version of the BDS
  • Single Battery Operation
    • The BDSv4 eliminates the time-consuming operation of installing and testing multiple batteries. The unit effectively distributes power to 6 devices via a single battery, such as an NP-1
  • Illuminated Main Switch
    • The main toggle switch is illuminated with a bi-colour LED for quick visual status identification
  • Low Battery LED
    • There is a bi-colour low battery LED that has 3 user-selectable thresholds for 3 different battery types
  • Switched/Unswitched Output
    • One output can be set for switched or unswitched operation. Unswitched mode allows power to flow via the output regardless of the position of the master switch
  • Convenient Controls
    • External panel-accessible selectors let you make adjustments to the battery threshold or switched/unswitched connector quickly and easily
  • Strong Connectors
    • The special connectors provide excellent strength, and will now become active until a cable with the proper mating connector is plugged in. This ensures that unused and exposed outlets are not active, and helps to prevent accidental short circuits
  • Auto-Reset Circuit Breaker
    • The unit features an automatic reset circuit breaker, protecting the connected devices against overload
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • In the event that an input is mis wired, the unit will not allow reverse polarity voltage to pass to the outputs, protecting your devices
  • Aluminium Chassis
    • The lightweight and durable powder coated aluminium chassis stands up to daily field use
  • Steel Clip
    • The stainless-steel clip makes it easy to attach the BDS to a bag, belt, or strap

Remote Audio BDSV4 Specs

Input Power


Output Power

3A Max per Output


5A Max Global (60W)

Power Switch

Red/Green Bi-Colour Illumination, Recessed Toggle

Dimensions (WxDxH)

3.29 x 1.33 x 1.17" (84 x 34 x 30mm)


4 oz (113g)

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