Pro Gear SA Referral Programme

The Pro Gear SA Referral Programme is open for applications.

We will contact successful applicants directly.


What Is A Referral Programme?

Our Referral Programme is a beneficial partnership between Pro Gear SA and individuals (Referrers) who promote Pro Gear SA’s products. Referrers earn commissions for driving sales to Pro Gear SA through their unique referral codes, which allocate the source of the successful sale to them. 


Who Is This Referral Programme For?

For our referral programme, we are looking for people within South Africa, who work with the type of products we sell within the audio-visual industry. From professionals who work on film sets, to creators who talk about the gear that's needed for content creation. If you have an engaged audience within any of the categories we cater for, we think you'd be a good fit for our referral programme.


How Does The Pro Gear SA Referral Programme Work?

Step 1 - Apply

Interested referrers can apply for the Pro Gear SA Referral Programme by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 - Get Your Unique Referral Code

Upon approval, referrers receive a unique referral code that they can share with their audience. This will track successful sales and we can pay referrers each month accurately and accordingly.

Step 3 - Promote Your Selected Products

Referrers promote their chosen Pro Gear SA products and remind their audience to use their code at checkout. This can be done on the referrer's website, blog, social media, or email newsletters. The referrer knows their audience best and where they get the most engagement.

Step 4 - Conversion

If the customer makes a purchase on our website, the referrer earns a commission on that sale. This is available across any of our products and the commission is calculated on the total value of the customer's order. 

Step 5 - Commission Payout

Commissions are paid out monthly and at the start of the following month they were accumulated within. (Minimum payout threshold of R100).


Benefits Of Joining The Pro Gear SA Referral Programme

Earn Commissions

Referrers earn a percentage of each sale they refer - at 5% of the order total.

No Start-up Costs

Referrers don't need to worry about keeping stock or fulfilling orders - so there are no costs to get started.

Support Local Business

By promoting Pro Gear SA, referrers contribute to the growth of the South African market.

Support Local Creators

By offering a referral programme, Pro Gear SA is opening up an opportunity for South Africans to earn an income through their passions.

Dedicated Support

We provide assistance to our referrers throughout their journey with us.


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