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CoreSWX Hypercore Slim, 82wh, 14.8v 5.5Ah Hi-Draw Li-ion Battery Brick


Retaining all the major features of the original HyperCore battery, the Core SWX HyperCore Slim is simply a slimmer version intended for UAV and gimbal applications, as well as any other application requiring a low-profile battery. Rated at 82Wh nominal, the HyperCore Slim is also TSA-friendly, falling under the 98Wh air travel limitations, and this is reinforced by the "Air Travel Compliant" logo on the front of the battery.

The HyperCore cell is known for being able to handle 10A draws for extended periods without diminishing service life, so you can rely on the battery for a long time. However, being a about an inch slimmer than the average battery, it also provides the benefit of being able to clear most, if not all, gimbal rails. In addition to this advantage, the HyperCore Slim also offers 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, safety sensors, D-tap output, advanced hibernation feature, quick-glance 4-LED gauge on the side, and charge routine management, and an over-molded, rubberized housing that both protects against impacts as well as provides an ergonomic, non-slip handle. Based on a 25W load, the HyperCore Slim is estimated to run for approximately 3.2 hours.

The hibernation feature was designed to minimize issues resulting from self-discharge, and preserve state of charge, leaving you making fewer trips to the charger. This feature consists of an accelerometer tied to a clocking algorithm that gauge inactivity and trigger a deep sleep after 48 hours of continuous non-use. However, upon the slightest movement, the battery comes back to life at maximum capacity.


HC7R : Core SWX Hypercore Slim 82wh, 14.8v 5.5Ah V-Mount Hi Draw Li-Ion Battery Brick, RED CAMERA communication

  • (Communicates exact % of battery life to RED viewfinder LCD). 
  • Note: The HyperCore Slim RED can be used on non-RED cameras as well, but you will only be able to get basic information communicated to the viewfinder.

HC7S : CoreSWX Hypercore Slim, 82wh, 14.8v 5.5Ah V-Mount Hi-Draw Li-ion Battery Brick

HC7AG : CoreSWX Hypercore Slim, 82wh, 14.8v 5.5Ah 3-Stud (Gold)  Hi-Draw Li-ion Battery Brick, GOLD for A/B chargers


Key Features

  • 14.8V V-mount lithium-ion battery
  • An inch slimmer than the original HyperCore battery
  • Designed for UAV and gimbal applications -- clear gimbal rails
  • Suitable for any application requiring a low-profile battery
  • TSA-friendly at 82Wh nominal capacity
  • Handles 10A draws for extended periods without diminishing service life
  • 1,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Safety sensors
  • D-Tap output
  • Advanced accelerometer hibernation feature
  • Quick-glance 4-LED gauge on the side
  • Charge routine management
  • Over-molded (anti-impact), rubberized housing
  • 3.2 hour runtime at 25W load


  • Inch Slimmer Than Original HyperCore
  • Designed for UAV and Gimbal Applications
  • Handles 10A Draws for Extended Periods
  • Clear Gimbal Rails
  • Suitable for Any Low-Profile Application
  • TSA-Friendly at 82Wh Nominal Capacity
  • Anti-Self-Discharge Hibernation Feature
  • 1,000 Charge/Discharge Cycles
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Capacity (Wh) 82 Wh
Amp-Hours 5500.00 mAh
Output Voltage 14.8 VDC
Accessory Port 1 x D-Tap
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3.8 x 5.9 x 1.5" / 97.0 x 15.0 x 38.0 mm
Weight 1.4 lbs / 0.63 kg
  • Core SWX HyperCore Slim Battery (14.8V) - as selected
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
SWIT - S-8U63 - 63WH
R2 375.00 (R2 731.25 incl VAT)
VECT ET-130S : 130WH
R2 950.00 (R3 392.50 incl VAT)
R5 273.64 (R6 064.69 incl VAT)
SWIT - S-8770 - 31WH
R1 035.00 (R1 190.25 incl VAT)
SWIT S-8970 : 47WH
R1 250.00 (R1 437.50 incl VAT)
SWIT S-8972 : 47WH
R1 250.00 (R1 437.50 incl VAT)
SWIT S-8073N : NP1
R2 672.00 (R3 072.80 incl VAT)

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