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Dedicated suspensions


Cinela introduces the OSIX & MINIX range of microphone suspensions adapted for professional film & video industrie for dramas and documentaries

It incorporates technical solutions which allow an optimal compromise between vibration insolation and firmness of the microphone mounting. Almost all OSIX & MINIX are now equipped with unbreakable plastic isolators, whose elastic properties give isolation and firmness qualities to the suspensions, equivalent or better than old metal versions.

Adaptation to the different characteristics of microphones (size, mass) is now possible using four shapes of isolators (A, B, C and D) and two grades of stiffness (3 and 4).


CINELA OSIX : 1 Suspension KM100 series
CINELA OSIX : 2 Suspension for Schoeps CMC
CINELA OSIX : 2-CAM Osix 2 with Camera Hot Shoe mounting
CINELA OSIX : 2-416 Suspension for MKH416 & KMR81
CINELA OSIX : 2-4017 Suspension for DPA 4017
CINELA OSIX : 2-MS Osix for CCM+CMC (XLR3F, Lemo, XLR5M)
CINELA OSIX : 2MS-CAM Osix 2MS with Camera Hot Shoe mounting
CINELA OSIX : 3 Suspension MKH 20-50
CINELA OSIX : 3-60 Suspension for MKH 60
CINELA OSIX : CMIT Suspension for Schoeps CMIT
CINELA OSIX : 3-418 Suspension for Sennheiser MKH418
CINELA OSIX : ORTF-MSTC Suspension for Schoeps ORTF MSTC64
CINELA OSIX : ORTF-CCM Suspension for Schoeps ORTF CCM
CINELA OSIX : ORTF-CCM-CAM Susp. for Schoeps ORTF CCM Camera
CINELA OSIX : 8000-LEO Special OSIX for MKH8000 and LEO-25



Cable variants

CINELA XLRMF : 1 Cable XLR M/F 21 cm for OSIX 1
CINELA XLRMF : 2 Cable XLR M/F 22 cm for OSIX 2, OSIX 2-416
CINELA XLRMF : 3A Cable XLR M/F 23 cm for OSIX 3
CINELA XLRMF : 3B Cable XLR M/F 24 cm for OSIX 3-60 , CMIT

excludes microphone

** excludes Leo ball

*** excludes camera

Compatibility chart (OSIX_compatibility_chart.pdf, 17 Kb) [Download]

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