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Gaffer Tape Gun Automatic Applicator & Roller


The GaffGun is the revolutionary tape applicator that lays floor tape over cables. Unlike anything you've ever seen, the GaffGun both gathers cables and effortlessly lays tape over them. In addition, the GaffGun will applies various floor tapes for a variety of purposes. Whether you are seaming a dance floor, marking your warehouse, masking off an area, or laying double-sided carpet tape, the GaffGun is the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done.

The GaffGun is the single greatest advancement in gaffer's tape since the tape was invented. Saving over 90% of the time to lay gaffer's tape over cables, it simplifies your job while saving time, money and your back. Using patent-pending CoreLok technology, you can use any type or size of GaffGun tape on the same device. Cables don't even have to be straight - the GaffGun straightens and centers your cable(s) and then lays tape on them.

Tape is sold separately! And remember, if all you need to do is lay down tape and you don't need to cover cables, then the GaffGun FloorGuide is required!. Using the FloorGuide, tape sticks directly to the ground-and the possibilities are endless.



Item Includes: SOLO

  • GaffGun
  • Long Extension Handle
  • CableGuide - Small


Item Includes: BUNDLE

  • GaffGun
  • Long extension handle
  • CableGuide - Small
  • CableGuide - Medium
  • CableGuide - Large
  • FloorGuide
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