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Designing the perfect boom with perfect characteristics requires a compromise of sometimes opposing demands.


The QS Premium Boom Pole from Ambient Recording is handmade layer by layer out of pre-preg carbon fiber with four segments designed to be stiff, yet lightweight and well balanced at the same time. Beside the tubes, there's a screwlock design for better grip when working with gloves. An extension (sold separately) can quickly be added as a 5th segment and gives an extra boost in length for wide, large crowd shots without the weight when not in use.


"The boom pole is the most important tool for a boom operator. In the hands, it should be an extension of the body, enabling precise and intuitive work.“ Designing the perfect boom with perfect characteristics requires a compromise of sometimes opposing demands.


The heart of a boom pole is the tube. A perfect boom pole tube has to be lightweight and rigid, to minimize bending and to maximize control of microphone position while fully extended. At the same time they should be resilient enough to avoid breaking when swinging the boom. The surface should be smooth for easy action and to prevent handling noise, but with a matte finish so as not to cause reflections.


The only material that possesses the characteristics to satisfy all these demands is carbon fiber. The manufacturing process of carbon fiber tube allows us to specify its composition. With parameters such as fiber-type, fiber-arrangement, wall-thickness, tube diameter and manufacturing method, we gain the possibility to create something completely unique and specialized to satisfy your requirements. Ambient offers four unique lines of boom poles to address the huge variety of needs of today’s field sound professionals.


  • Robust design for long life
  • Lightweight but rigid
  • Low handling noise
  • Easy action
  • Add-on accessories
  • Easy customer maintenance for extended life

Boom poles (Boom_poles.pdf, 3,148 Kb) [Download]

Quickpole accessories (Quickpole_accessories.pdf, 1,863 Kb) [Download]

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