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R4 764.73 (R5 479.44 incl VAT)  
Brands: Padcaster

Fluid Head Tripod / Monopod

R2 950.30 (R3 392.85 incl VAT)  
Brands: Sevenoak

All-in-one kit for adding video production superpowers to any smartphone

R20.00 (R23.00 incl VAT)  
Brands: Pro Gear SA

A metal crocodile clip used for holding lighting gel to lights barndoors

R265.00 (R304.75 incl VAT)  
Brands: Hide-a-mic

Great for film, television and theater use

R2 938.00 (R3 378.70 incl VAT)  
Brands: Rycote

Classic-Softie with Lyre Mount & Pistol-Grip Kit

R6 888.95 (R7 922.29 incl VAT)  
Brands: Proaim

A polyamide resin constructed Shoulder Kit for flexible and stable shots

R60 112.36 (R69 129.21 incl VAT)  
Brands: Proaim

Fly Your Camera through Difficult Terrains with Advanced Wireless Cable cam System

R1 427.00 (R1 641.05 incl VAT)  
Brands: Rycote

Designed for professional boom pole use

R27 408.29 (R31 519.53 incl VAT)  
Brands: Came-TV

620mm | 200kg load | JX900 - tracks 1m each

R29 237.47 (R33 623.09 incl VAT)  
Brands: Came-TV

620mm | 300kg load | HMYBCAR - tracks 1.5m each

R652.00 (R749.80 incl VAT)  
Brands: Ursa straps

Has Gripper to keep it from slipping around the Calf & Ankle

R301.00 (R346.15 incl VAT)  
Brands: Ursa straps

These versatile belts are 5cm wide by 115cm long and can be cut down with scissors to suit small waists

R288.00 (R331.20 incl VAT)  
Brands: Ursa straps

Specifically for smaller diameter microphones

R527.00 (R606.05 incl VAT)  
Brands: Ursa straps

Turns any LAV Mic into a Gooseneck

R8 069.07 (R9 279.43 incl VAT)  
Brands: Padcaster

We named it Verse for its versatility. But its performance borders on poetry.

R15 046.53 (R17 303.51 incl VAT)  
Brands: Padcaster

Turn your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production powerhouse

R31 405.94 (R36 116.83 incl VAT)  
Brands: Padcaster

Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite

R430.00 (R494.50 incl VAT)  
Brands: Boomhanger

Easily attach the Boomhanger, rest your boom and relax

R445.00 (R511.75 incl VAT)  
Brands: Hide-a-mic

Silicone Lavalier Microphone Concealer

R180.00 (R207.00 incl VAT)  
Brands: LastyBands

Wrap it around, loop it through and you're set!

R6 415.00 (R7 377.25 incl VAT)  
Brands: 3M

Dispenser for 50mm / 96mm Width Tape

R2 090.00 (R2 403.50 incl VAT)  

Lever lock system for quickly changing out microphone mounts

R1 093.00 (R1 256.95 incl VAT)  
Brands: Coba Africa

Cable Mats are designed to be laid over cables to reduce trip hazards

R579.00 (R665.85 incl VAT)  
Brands: Coba Africa

Two heavy duty cable protector options for areas with heavy traffic or larger cables

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