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Next generation laser display system with integrated FB4 control interface


The Clubmax FB4 is next generation laser display system with integrated FB4 control interface. It's packed with the latest laser technology and some smart features to help you provide your customers with the very best. It offers long life span and performance that is sure to please your audience, whilst saving you time and money.

  • Our Clubmax FB4 is simply spectacular. The device on its own has been crafted to near-perfection following Kvant’s core philosophy of continuous improvement. The performance and smart features are what will impress your audience the most.
  • Based on the current desires and needs of laser display professionals around the world and of course, our most successful laser system ever, the new Clubmax is set again to be the benchmark for others.


Highlights of the Clubmax FB4 laser display system:

  • Attractive design and tough construction.
  • Integrated Pangolin FB4 control interface with network switch for professional control and easy daisy-chaining. Pangolin QuickShow 4.0 laser control and creation software is included.
  • Sophisticated scan-fail and system safety with advanced power supply monitoring and DMR (in reliability engineering, dual modular redundancy (DMR) is a system with duplicated components, providing redundancy in case one should fail).
  • Colour Balance display mode - once this mode is enabled, the colours outputted by laser will correspond to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for colour palette calibration in your software.
  • These colour settings are stored in internal system memory of Clubmax FB4, meaning you always get the same colours from all Clubmax lasers, no matter what control interface you use.
  • Clubmax FB4 can be also controlled directly from most major lighting desks over the ArtNet.
  • Emergency STOP circuit now keeps inbuilt control interface running even if the E-STOP button is activated, ensuring very short restart time of the laser display performance (optional feature).
  • DMX controlled Optical bench with 4 effects (optional feature).


This laser projector uses our latest semiconductor diode laser technology together with some other features you would hardly find on lasers from other manufacturers at this price level. Its robust and sturdy design makes it an ideal laser system for permanent installations, touring and hire. Every Clubmax FB4 is delivered with all standard accessories as listed below and also with Quality Control Certificate with recorded power output values of red, green and blue laser modules which are measured during the final quality control check.







Guaranteed optical output 3000mw 3400mw 6000mw 6800mw 9700mw
Weight 9kg 9kg 12kg 12kg 13kg
R | G | B [mW] 650
Beam size [mm] 3.5 x 4 3.5 x 4 3.5 x 4 3.5 x 4 4.5 x 5
Beam divergence <1mrad
[full angle]
[full angle]
[full angle]
[full angle]
[full angle]
Consumption max. 350W max. 350W max. 350W max. 350W max. 350W




full-colour, semiconductor diode laser system

Suitable for:

indoor/small outdoor laser shows and laser graphic displays

Control signal:

Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA

Scanning system:

ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 40kpps @ 8° [see Options below]


fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1, FDA regulations and TUV Laser Safety.

Package includes:

Pangolin QuickShow 4.0 laser control and creation software, heavy duty flight case, power lead, 10M ethernet (rj45) signal cable, E-STOP remote with 10M cable, set of 4 safety keys, interlock connector, CD with PDF manual.


analog, up to 50kHz

Power requirements:


Operation temperature:

10-40 °C

Ingress protection rating:


System features:

All the adjustments such as power output of each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, etc. are managed by inbuilt FB4 control system.
Scanning system protection, daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system "one-hit" operation.

Laser safety features:

Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate.


*Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in our laser systems the optical power output of each laser colour within the system may slightly differ from the specification of respective laser module(s) installed. This does not affect the total guaranteed power output.

Datasheet (Clubmax_6000_FB4_technical_specification_sheet.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Clubmax_3400_FB4_technical_specification_sheet.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Clubmax_3000_FB4_technical_specification_sheet.pdf, 125 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Clubmax_6800_FB4_technical_specification_sheet.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (Clubmax_10_FB4_technical_specification_sheet.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

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