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Laser Display System


The Kvant Clubmax 2000 series lasers are a radically simple solution for anything from several thousand people raves to the smallest private clubs and cosy venues. Developed with regard to challenging clubbing environments, the design is optimised to allow for long maintenance intervals and to ensure a long life span of the system as a whole. Clubmax 2000 is a cost-effective and low maintenance laser display system, with beam properties that make it very efficient for all small to mid-size indoor venues.


Key Features

  • Battlefield tested chassis, housing and internal design are all robust and sturdy, making Clubmax an ideal laser system also for permanent installations, touring and hire.
  • Ultra-low-divergence RGB laser source ensures high brightness at long projection distances. The premium quality laser source is manufactured by us and uses the latest semiconductor diode laser technology in conjunction with the most advanced beam shaping techniques.
  • 40 Kpps scanning speed with default ScannerMax 506 scanner set; up to 60 Kpps with optional Saturn 1 scanners.
  • A comprehensive range of adjustment controls at the rear panel.
  • An easily accessible beam alignment mechanism - no need to take the lid off.
  • Direct compatibility with DiscoScan 2.0 bracket, SafetyScan lens bracket, 4-way masking plate and FB4-QS Quick Connect control interface.
  • It can be factory fitted with a Single or Dual Optical Bench and PASS card.
  • TÜV certification.

Size W x H x D:

339 x 168 x 270mm

Guaranteed opt. output [mW]:


R | G | B [mW]:

340 | 700 | 1200 [*see note A below]

Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]:

637 | 520 | 445

Beam size [mm]:

5.2 x 4.5

Beam divergence [mrad]:

0.58 [full angle, averaged value, *see note B below]

Modulation [kHz] | type:

100 | analogue

X-Y scanners:

ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 40 Kpps @ 8° [more Options below]

Power requirements [V] | Input:

100-230/50-60Hz | Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Max. power consumption [VA]:


Operation temperature [°C]:


HW features:

Power output adjustment for each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, scan-fail safety mode selector, scanning system overload protection.

Laser safety features:

Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, fast electromechanical shutter [reaction time <20ms], adjustable aperture masking plate, Emergency STOP system with keyed remote and manual RESTART button.

Note A

Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in Kvant systems, the real power output of each laser module installed within the system may slightly differ from its specification. This doesn't affect the total guaranteed power output of the system.

Note B

The beam divergence total is calculated as an average arithmetic value of all individual colours. The divergence of each colour is calculated as:


1. FWHM of the beam cross-section for round beams, or


2. The arithmetic average of the beam's horizontal and vertical divergence for all rectangular beams.

  • 1.5M power lead
  • 10M ILDA signal cable
  • E-STOP remote with 10M 3-pin XLR cable
  • 4 safety keys
  • Interlock connector [for the USA only]
  • USB memory stick with the user manual
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