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Dealing with the Pro Gear SA team was refreshing. They are engaged and responsive and after placing our order we had our gear in no time. We highly recommend using them, and will too in future for our needs.

We cannot be more happy with the service we received from PRO GEAR SA. From the start of the buying process, Craig was sensitive to our needs and requests, and kept us up to date with the ordering and shipping process. PRO GEAR SA is the local B&H and future of buying high end gear in South Africa.

Yes, I am dealing with them already. I am adding the clips now as we speak… I can get anything….

…and THAT my good man is the guaranteed secret to your imminent success! I’m already your number one greatest fan!!

I happened upon the new PRO GEAR website and was thrilled to find a South African store that finally sells all the products I need to make my life as a sound recordist easier and more pleasurable. Finally the gear I need is no longer out of reach. The site is great and I found exactly what I needed and payment was a cinch too. Craig Tarling is a really great guy and so helpful, he is very personable and it was great doing business with him. If there is anything you need, he is the guy to speak to for sure. Its a brand spanking new site and am looking forward to all the additional gear listings that will be coming soon.

Super stoked today to have received my URSA straps that I ordered online last week. The parcel was on schedule as promised and hand delivered in immaculate condition to my doorstep. Absolutely no stress of waiting for my order or the hassle of having to collect it. I can highly recommend that you order your URSA straps through Pro Gear SA because of the excellent service I received from them. Thanks Pro Gear SA you guys rock.

No matter if working on a soundstage, live venue, or on top of a hill surrounded by radio towers, our pair of Sharkies swam through the noise to chomp every bit of transmission it could. Silent, sleek, and robust, Betso’s Sharkie is a LPDA fin that finally lives up to its predatory nickname.

Tentacle Sync has only been around for less than three years, but from my experience during that time, they will continue to create new and innovative products, and will become one of the most well-known companies in the industry.

The sound quality is beyond question, and the ability of both of these mics to handle high SPLs without distortion places them in the top division. I'd say you'd have to try very hard to go wrong with the d:fine. When you combine this exceptional level of audio performance with a super-effective mounting system, you have a seriously good headset microphone on your hands. Or your head.
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