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Stop shouting across the ring


The E-PAC SERIES  –  Riding Instructor Wireless

Stop Shouting Across The Ring!

The EARTEC Company introduced wireless equestrian instructor communication over two decades ago. Our systems have streamlined riding lessons throughout the world allowing equestrian instructors to communicate to their students with precision. Based on our expertise and the feedback from thousands of coaches we have formulated E-PAC, a customized digital wireless that provides a simple sound solution to meet the communication needs of demanding equestrian coaches.

E-PAC wireless systems consist of two main components, a miniature transceiver for the student called the UltraPAK, and a compact UltraLITE coach headset. The UltraPAK radio weighs only 2.5 oz and is clipped to the jacket or tucked inside a pocket. UltraPAK provide the flexibility to either listen / monitor their equestrian instructor or communicate back and forth in full duplex mode, meaning simultaneously and hands free.  The accompanying Cyber headset for UltraPAK features a slender back band so can be worn comfortably with any riding helmet.

UltraLITE Single are the preferred wireless headset for professional riding instructors. These self-contained transceivers are engineered with all electronics installed inside the earcup so there are no wires or radios required. UltraLITE are so lightweight and comfortable they can be worn comfortably throughout an entire instructional day. A key feature of UltraLITE is Eartec’s “auto mute” boom which allows coaches to cut off their signal just by setting the microphone assembly straight up. Bringing the boom back down returns the microphone to transmit automatically.

Operation of the E-PAC system is as simple as installing charged batteries (included, w/ charger). When the transceivers are turned “ON” they link automatically without tuning or programming. Transmitting range is up to 300 yards, and an unlimited number of E-PAC systems can operate in the same venue free of crosstalk or interference. The Lithium-Ion batteries are charged externally and field replaceable which makes E-PAC is the perfect wireless for shows or competitions where the system needs to operate over the standard six hour run time.

The standard E-PAC set includes everything needed to outfit the instructor and student. E-PAC wireless transceivers are field programmable so you can expand this base system simply by adding UltraPAK transceivers and Cyber headsets.

E-PAC systems are offered as a discounted package to the price of individual components and are shipped industry direct only, (no dealers or distributors please). Padded soft side case for convenient storage and transport included.



Take A Closer Look At The E-PAC System:

  • UltraPAK – Compact transceiver for rider - Radio weighs only 2.5 oz.
  • The Cyber – Student Headset - Speaker rests outside rider’s ear
  • UltraLITE Single – Coach’s Headset - Comfortable – worn on left or right ear
  • Multi Charger – Included - Charges all system batteries & spares
  • 1 x UltraLITE Single Headset
  • 1 x UltraPAK
  • 1 x Cyber Headset
  • Batteries with Charger
  • Padded Case
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