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2-in-1 underwater scooter with 3 x GoPro mounts


MagicJet 2-in-1 underwater scooter with 3 x GoPro mounts and is able to thrust up to 10 kgf and run 100 mins with a 155Wh battery. Equipped with 2 speed settings and 50m depth exploration to propel you smoothly underwater, this scooter is all you’ll ever need.



Your Right Fit is Here

  • 2-in-1 modular system built to match your diving style
  • Match your diving style with an intuitive modular style built for efficiency and fun.
  • Weighting only 3.5kg, this scooter is easy to carry and packs a punch beneath the surface.
  • For customisability, the unit is designed to be able to connect a 2nd MagicJet, enabling a double thrust capability


Power in Your Palm

  • Destinations become more accessible with a simple squeeze!
  • The small 39 x 36 x 19cm design features an ultra-quiet 600W motor.
  • With 100 minutes of run time, this allows you to glide peacefully into the unknown using the two speed settings.


Add safety to every dive

MagicJet confronts the risks of being underwater with six layers of Smart Protection

  • Buoyancy: In case you lose your grip, the positive buoyancy allows MagicJet to get itself to the surface quickly and reliably.
  • Responsive: Nothing is worse than losing power. Thankfully, an LED indicator tells you when it is time to change a battery.
  • Safe to Touch: A practical propeller guard protects arms, hands and fingers from getting nicked by the motor blades.
  • Heat Sink Design: Warmth from the motor instantly dissipates to ensure you're always running at peak performance.
  • Secure Battery: The Intelligent lithium-ion battery used ensures the safety of the battery and the long life cycle, greatly reducing the risks of water contamination.
  • Anti-Corrosion: The advanced anti-corrosion design of the entire scooter is adopted to ensure that the equipment is not corroded by seawater under normal use.


Super Simple and Easy To Use

Whole unit underwater battery design

  • MagicJet features 155Wh rechargeable battery with a whole unit underwater pluggable design. This allows you to swap out the battery in seconds making it super easy for anyone to explore the scenery below.

Useful spare parts

  • Useful spare parts such as the belt and double lever handles,  save you energy and extends your diving journey.


Application Scenario


  • Perfect for scuba divers, MagicJet lets you plunge deeper into the most spectacular environments on earth. A depth of up to 50m allows you to explorer without disturbing the environment.


  • A steady boost of speed is all it takes to visit stunning locations that you’ve only dreamed of. With an extra trust, you’ll be able to discover prime points of interest far from shore or boat.


  • Hold on tight to MagicJet inn order to save time and energy whilst locating the perfect swim spot.



  • Long battery life - Battery life up to 100 minutes with a whole unit underwater pluggable design, allowing you to swap it in a seconds and bring you into a wonderful underwater journey.
  • Power in your palm - 1.8m/s Powerful thrust, Dive depth up to 50m, Satisfy your curiosity about the deep sea.
  • Safety to dive – a battery indicator displays the remaining capacity in order to keep you safe.
  • The propellers are designed with a protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury.
  • 2-in-1 modular - Use two scooters in parallel for a better experience, making it more powerful and faster. 
  • 3 go pro mount - Multi-directional shooting.
  • Eco-Friendly - MagicJet will not pollute the water, nor harm or disturb the sea creatures, affording you a more immersive diving experience.
Dimensions 385 (L)×360 (W)×182(H) mm
Weight 3.6kgbattery included
Max speed Normal-speed: 2.7mph (1.2m/s)
High-speed: 4.0mph(1.8m/s)
Time of endurance Normal-speed: 100mins
High-speed: 60mins
Depth 50m/164ft
Thrust 22 pounds (10 kilogram-force)
Motor power 600 watts
Battery architecture Waterproof detachable battery with intelligent safety
Battery type 155.4WH/22.2V high-density lithium battery
Battery service life 300 times of charging cycles
Charging time 3 hours
Plugin support Sports camera as GoPro / external handles

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