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Customised Microphone Windscreens


Do you need a custom foam windscreen for your microphone?

Professional microphones are indispensable for capturing clean sound recordings with little to no background noise. Without them, there is a risk of picking up too much of the surrounding environment and distracting background noises.

In addition to choosing special microphone models that are optimised for specific situations, there are other tools to improve sound quality. Regardless of the microphone you have chosen, it is advisable to use a windscreen to reduce the wind and other environmental noises.

To find the right windscreen, it is important to do research on the type of microphone and equipment you are using so that the right windscreen for the microphone model can be selected.



To make the recorded sound less metallic and as natural as possible, you can also use a faux fur windscreen, which offers better protection against unwanted noise on the audio signal.

Windscreens for microphones can also be valuable when filming indoors, as they absorb any air turbulence on their surface. Especially when there are speech and singing recordings in a studio. In this case, condenser microphones are often used, which are already equipped with their pop filter but sometimes lack a foam filter. This can result in more breathing and blowing noises in direct speech recordings.

If wind noise is desired in a scene, it makes more sense to use a windscreen and mix in the wind noise afterwards than to simply record without a windscreen. Wind noise can also cause distortion and deteriorate audio quality.

With Schulze Brakel, there is also the option of having your windshield individually manufactured according to the desired shape, size, dimensions, function and application of your microphone.



What is Flocking

  • After machining the SchulzFoam to the right shape, this secondary process puts a fine layer of super-fine fibres on the pre-treated Windscreen
  • This controlled process guarantees consistent sound quality by achieving a visual effect on the screens that make your company stand out next to the "unfinished" products
  • A virtually unlimited number of available colours and the possibility to apply several colours ensure you will get the result you are looking for
  • 2-4 Weeks After Payment (Approximately)
  • Lead time cannot be guaranteed

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