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360° Overhead Photo Booth - Includes custom logo printed on the inside and outside of each supporting leg


Introducing the AUTOMATIC 360° OVERHEAD PHOTO BOOTH : COMPLETE KIT that allows you to capture stunning 360° videos, without the need to worry about a base platform. Why settle for a regular photo booth when you can have a 360° photo booth for events, functions, and parties? A unique video experience for guests that is ideal for sharing on social media. These innovative photo booths offer a fully immersive experience by capturing the entire surroundings in a 360-degree view. They provide a novel and entertaining experience for users, making events more memorable. These 360° Photo Booths also offer a fantastic marketing opportunity for businesses, increasing brand exposure and customer engagement - By including custom logos printed on the inside and outside of each supporting leg. Whether it's at a corporate event, trade show, or retail space, these booths provide an interactive and memorable experience for customers. By offering something different, businesses can enhance customer engagement and leave a lasting impression.


Want to start your own 360° Photo Booth business?

Here's some of the basics on how to get started - Read Blog Post (How To Make Money With A 360° Photo Booth)


  • 360° Roatiting Arm
  • Mounts for Camera, Action Camera, Phone and Tablet
  • 4x Custom Logos (Displayed on inside and outside legs of overhead stand)
  • Ring Light
  • Miscellaneous Props (supplied at random)
  • Fight Case
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