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MicPlexer 2 antenna multi-coupler with tuneable filter


Zaxcom's MicPlexer 2 is a RF distribution amplifier designed to eliminate noise and distortion while boosting the signal strength of up to four diversity receivers (or more through the use of a splitter). It comes standard with a 35MHz filter window that rejects any unwanted and undesireable RF that is not in the selected range. The unit is easily tuned to any block within the 512-702 MHZ range.

The MicPlexer 2 uses a Switchcraft 761K locking connector, accepts 8 to 18 volts DC, and has a power draw of 90mA at 12 volts. 

Signal is received through the two SMA connectors on the top of the MicPlexer2.  The MicPlexer 2 has 8 SMA connectors on the bottom of the unit: 4 SMA connectors that distribute the signal for antenna 1 and 4 SMA connectors for antenna 2.  Three overload warning LEDs for each antenna input h>elp determine if the MicPlexer 2 is receiving too much RF signal. 

The MicPlexer 2 has a frequency select dial on the front of the unit to change the front end filter on the MicPlexer 2 so that only radio frequencies (RF) in the desired frequency range will be received while undesirable RF is rejected.  Seven standard presets, block 20-26, are included and two custom settings can be set the 35MHz filter to any frequency desired.

When connecting the MicPlexer 2 to receivers, use 50 Ohm low loss coax cable with 50 Ohm SMA connectors and keep the length of the cable as short as possible

NOTEThe MixPlexer 2 contains no power distribution and is not compatible with active antennas.

  • Additional 6 dB of gain on every antenna output.
  • Removes unwanted RF from workspace from any  of seven pre-set frequency blocks (20 - 26) or a custom 35 MHz range.
  • Smart LEDs with RF signal overload warning.
Frequency Tuning Range 512-702 mhz with 35 mhz band, user selectable
Tuned Pass Band 35 mhz
Attenuation +/- 25 mhz 12.5 db
Attenuation +/- 50 mhz 35 db
Attenuation +/- 75 mhz 51 db
Rf Gain 6 dB
Rf Channels 2
Amplifier Noise Figure .35 dB
Oip3 Distortion +37 db
Power Requirement 8 - 18 vdc @ 100 ma
Size 1.25" x 3.25" d 4.75"
Weight 8 ounces

Manual (Zaxcom_MicPlexer2_July_2015.pdf, 327 Kb) [Download]

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