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Easy-To-Operate NarratorPro Tour Audio System allows for each passenger in the aircraft to listen to the in-flight narration in their native language


NarratorPro Automated Tour Audio Narration System

The Easy-To-Operate NarratorPro Tour Audio System allows for each passenger in the aircraft to listen to the in-flight narration in their native language. A true plug-and-play system, the NarratorPro requires no new wiring to be run or splices to be made when using along with the Bose A20 Headset. The NarratorPro requires no pilot input thanks to its use of GPS Automation, reducing pilot workload.



  • Customizable Narration for Each Seat
  • Support for up to 12 Languages
  • User Selectable
  • Playback your Soundtrack along with Narration
  • Completely Automated via GPS
  • Designed for Seamless Integration with the Bose A20 Aviation Headset
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Requiring No New Wiring



The Narrator is a 2-part system; the Base Station is the size of a small smartphone and sits on the dash.  It reads data from the Garmin GPS and sends wireless commands to the Headset units.  The Base Station uses GPS coordinates and direction of travel to determine which audio clips are played in the Headsets.  The Headset units hold a collection of MP3 files on a micro-SD card, and plays specific files according to commands from the Base Station.  Different languages will play depending on which position the dial selector is set to on the headset.

Installation of the hardware is essentially plug and play.  Setup of the audio automation doesn’t require any special software, but is a little more involved and we recommend soliciting assistance from Rugged Video during this step. The Narrator clips onto the volume controls of the Bose A20 headset.  Operation is fully GPS automated, providing audio in up to 12 passenger-selectable languages at just the right moments during a flight.

The Narrator units is a pretty sleek unit that clips right onto the existing headsets. (See photo)


Steps to setup:

  • Plan the route: Determine the flight path in GPS coordinates, and select points of interest for which narration is desired.  Many customers load GPX files into Google Earth to visually plan a tour.
  • Setup the automation steps in the EVENT.TXT file on the Base Station SD card
  • Create the audio clips in multiple languages
  • Test flight to verify and refine the automation profile



The Future of Flight Tour Audio

Every Seat, Any Language

  • Each passenger can select their own preferred narrations from up to 12 languages with a dial attached to the Bose headset volume control. Each passenger will hear the prerecorded narration in their own native language in addition to standard headset audio.


  • Requiring no pilot input, each headset is triggered with our proven GPS automation technology. Triggering may be directed via waypoint, heading, time, or a combination of each with a 1 meter, 1 degree and 1 second accuracy.

Easy to Install

  • Plug-and-Play with Bose Headsets, the Narrator takes seconds to install. The system features a single base station (similar in size to a Spider Tracks), which mounts neatly on the dash and plugs into standard power connections on: Airbus, Bell and Robinson helicopters. One base station controls all headsets in the helicopter. The entire system can be installed in 20 minutes as a portable electronic device or minor alteration.


“I’ve used a number of video systems over the years and recently moved to the Rugged Video system for my Flight Tour.  Rugged Video is the best system on the market because it records high quality video in a well put together package with features no one else can offer.”

Mark Fitzsimmons – Owner

Brochure (NarratorPro_Tour_Audio_System.pdf, 12,765 Kb) [Download]

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