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Roger Earpiece combines Phonak’s advanced digital audio technology with an ultra small, discreet form factor


Roger Earpiece combines Phonak’s advanced digital audio technology with an ultra small, discreet form factor – making the receiver virtually invisible in front of cameras or audiences, without any belt packs or cables. And with a comfortable fit thanks to its tiny 1.3g weight, and hours of battery life, Roger Earpiece can be used all day.

Using Phonak’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless protocol, Roger Earpiece is easy to set up, and even easier to use, with plug-and-play configuration and automatic reconnection. Along with the earpiece, Phonak offers Roger Base Station and Roger Touchscreen Mic, to deliver a full platform for studio professionals.

The Roger technology uses the latest digital standard and operates on the license-free 2.4 GHz band. The wireless Roger communication system includes a transmitter and features an advanced microphone, which is used by the speaker, and a virtually invisible receiver that is hidden in the listener's comfortable, tiny earpiece. Roger systems are ideal for people working in broadcasting and show business, who rely on seamless communication with directors, producers, and sound technicians. They are utterly discreet, easy to use and install, and offer unrivalled intelligibility.


Unmatched discreetness

  • Combining all features in a tiny shell, specially shaped to fit into almost all ear canals, the Roger Earpiece is virtually invisible.

Unrivalled intelligibility

  • Roger, the latest digital wireless standard at 2.4 GHz, features a low noise floor and large audio bandwidth, delivering unrivalled sound quality.

Unbeatable ease of use

  • A "plug & play" communication system, the Roger Earpiece is ready at the push of a button, requiring neither cables nor belt-packs.


The Producer

  • In front of any high definition camera, every detail matters. Distractions, such as technical aids and equipment, including sound tubes or beltpacks, are a taboo – discreetness is the key. With the Roger communication system, protruding receivers and cables are now a thing of the past.

The Talent

  • When memory fails, a reliable back-up helps to avoid stressful and uncomfortable situations – it can be the key to a smooth and highly successful show. The accuracy and intelligibility of directions and instructions, however, are paramount.

The Technician

  • A system, just like a production, is only as good as the seamless interaction of its parts. Why futher complicate a sound technician’s routine with unnecessary cables, buttons or programming software and interfaces?




  • Wireless in-ear receiver – no cables or belt packs required.


  • The micro size Roger Earpiece has a snug fit inside the ear canal and is basically invisible in front of a camera or a live audience.

Transmitter flexibility

  • Roger Earpiece can be used both with the stationary Roger BaseStation and/or the mobile Roger Touchscreen Mic giving you the full flexibility for your production.

Speech clarity

  • Despite the small size, the Roger Earpiece delivers an incredible sound quality. A large frequency bandwidth and up to 100db SPL output will ensure that you will not miss a clue.

Roger Earpiece network

  • A Roger Earpiece network can be created with one BaseStation, up to 5 TouchscreenMics and an unlimited number of Roger Earpieces.

Wireless receiver

  • Micro size Earpiece: 18 mm length – basically invisible
  • Ear specific form factor
  • Light weight: 1.3 g (incl. battery)
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Max output level: 100 dB SPL
  • Unlimited number of Earpieces can be connected in one network
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Battery Life: > 12 h (size 10 battery)
  • Out-of-range beep

Stationary transmitter

  • License free 2.4 GHz transmission
  • Adaptive automatic frequency hopping
  • Balanced audio in (XLR or 6.3)
  • Audio input graphical display
  • Volume control: –14 to +12 dB
  • Bandwidth: 100–7200 Hz
  • Transmission range: 15–40 m (depending on environment)
  • Rack and wall mount included
  • Weight: 488 g
  • Housing dimensions: 132 x 132 x 44 mm

Mobile transmitter

  • Individual volume control function
  • Naming of Roger Earpiece (read/write)
  • License free 2.4 GHz transmission
  • Built-in handheld microphone
  • Touchscreen menu steering
  • Operating time: 10 h
  • Transmission range: 15–40 m (depending on environment)
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Dimensions: 104 x 55 x 16 mm

Range extender

  • Unlimited range extension
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Operates standalone or permanently powered
  • Indicator lights
  • Fixing bracket and power supply included
  • Micro-USB socket
  • Easy wall mounting
  • ¼-20 tripod mount
  • Easy snap-in/out
  • Power supply cable retention

Earpiece data sheet (Roger_Earpiece_datasheet_EN_web_26042016.pdf, 140 Kb) [Download]

Base Station data sheet (Roger_BaseStation_datasheet_EN_web_18072016.pdf, 98 Kb) [Download]

Repeater data sheet (Roger_repeater_techData_EN_web_29032017.pdf, 178 Kb) [Download]

Touchscreen data sheet (Roger_Touchscreen_datasheet_EN_web_30012017.pdf, 251 Kb) [Download]

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