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Portable Stereo BRIC IP/POTS Codec with two mic / line level inputs


The Next Generation in Remote IP Broadcasting - An IP Audio Codec Refined for the User Experience

Since ACCESS was introduced over a decade ago, it has become the world’s leading IP audio codec. And in that time, IP transmission technology has developed significantly. We’ve taken our world-class platform, along with the last decade of technical growth, and built a brand new platform for the future – ACCESS NX.

ACCESS NX is the ultimate tool to take advantage of these advances. Designed from the ground up as a platform for CrossLock, our sophisticated custom reliability layer, ACCESS NX is the next step in innovative portable broadcasting.

“With the NX, I was saved from bringing an outboard mixer, because I could use two headsets at a time. This broadcast had always been a gamble in the past, but this year it sounded better than ever because NX’s new audio controls allowed me to use a headset instead of a hand mic.”
– Tom MacDonald, TRM Corporation


  • Two USB ports
  • 5-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Built-in battery – up to 6.5 hours of talk time (5 hours with mixer)
  • AAC family and Opus encoders
  • CrossLock Technology
  • Optional mixer

IP Networks

  • IP infrastructure is growing rapidly, and networks are available virtually everywhere. ACCESS NX offers several ways to get connected.
  • ACCESS NX comes with a Wi-Fi modem, along with an integrated Ethernet port for connecting to wired DSL or broadband cable. ACCESS NX can also accommodate connections to 3G/4G cellular data networks using Comrex supported USB devices.
  • For those who need to use public Wi-Fi, ACCESS NX can log in to IP networks through the integrated web browser. This allows users to type credentials into login screens and agree to usage terms, which expands networking options.
  • Still need to use POTS? ACCESS NX is compatible with a USB POTS/PSTN modem for use on legacy analog phone lines*.

*sold separately

CrossLock Technology

  • ACCESS NX has been designed from the ground up to support CrossLock technology. The most advanced network management tool on the market today, CrossLock gives users the ability to use multiple IP networks together simultaneously. When a new network is introduced, Crosslock will immediately evaluate how much bandwidth is available, while factoring in latency and jitter information, and combine the two connections to take advantage of all available bandwidth.
  • More than just combining networks, CrossLock can also monitor and dynamically adjust how much of your stream is being placed on each network, in real time. When necessary, CrossLock can apply appropriate error correction, recovery, or concealment techniques. And when a network becomes unusable, CrossLock can isolate it, without any user intervention.

User Experience

  • Equipped with a 5-inch capacitive touch screen, it’s simple to operate ACCESS NX in the field. Plus, with an improved user interface, ACCESS NX is designed to be even more user friendly than its predecessor.


  • While the ACCESS NX has been optimized to provide complete mobility and solid reliability, the ACCESS Rack has been designed as its perfect studio counterpart. The 1U 19” rack mount ACCESS features balanced stereo XLR inputs and outputs, AES I/O on XLR, Ethernet port, POTS modem, multiple USB ports, and serial and contact closure ports. ACCESS Rack can be directly controlled with a keyboard or mouse, a USB touch screen monitor, or driven with a standard web browser.

Codec Commander

  • Codec Commander is a free Microsoft Windows™ application you can use to control your audio codec. You can manage your connections, check statistics, view audio metering, adjust audio profiles or change system settings. 

Fleet Commander

  • Fleet Commander is a software application for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs simultaneously. Rather than logging into each codec individually and juggling a desktop full of tabs, Fleet Commander puts you in control of your codec fleet through one unified interface. With the ability to manage all codecs from one simple window, this easy-to-use tool can save time and increase productivity for busy engineers. 

*sold separately




  • The Comrex ACCESS NX Mixer accessory  “docks” to the ACCESS NX and expands the audio I/O to four mic/line selectable XLR Inputs and four stereo Headphone Outputs on 1⁄4″ jacks. All NX Portable audio connectors remain active during use of the Mixer, so the total number of Input/Headphone connector pairs increases to six.

Comrex Connect Modems

  • Cellular wireless data connections like 3G and 4G LTE have redefined the way remote broadcasts are done. In particular, USB cellular modems make connecting to these networks fast and simple. But the number of USB cellular data devices offered by cell phone providers is dramatically decreasing in favor of cellular Wi-Fi Hotspots. Additionally, many of the off-the-shelf modems offered by carriers are not designed to meet the rigorous demands of the 24/7 news cycle.
  • Comrex designed the Comrex Connect Modem to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters. A high-powered, industrial strength 4G/LTE modem, the Connect Modem is also 3G compatible. Outfitted with a high-gain antenna, the Connect Modem is more powerful than most USB data modems available on the market, to handle the heavy data load of an IP audio broadcast. The Connect Modem comes in three varieties to support connections to Verizon, AT&T, and International networks, and has been PTCRB and carrier certified to meet all necessary regulations.

Small Case

  • Durable travel case, perfect for carry-on or shipping. Mixer cutout. Multiple foam inserts available.
  • Exterior Dims:
  • L 19.5″ x W 16″ x H 8.25″



  • Two mic/line switchable XLR inputs
  • Dedicated stereo line input


  • Two ¼” stereo headphone outputs
  • Fixed stereo line output (source selectable)


  • Digital mixing and headphone busses
  • Digital peak limiting
  • Selectable producer feed – mic channels can be routed directly into local headphones only


  • Internal lithium ion battery – up to 6.5 hours of talk time (5 hours when using mixer)
  • Field changeable
  • Optional external battery charger


  • Serial data
  • 4 I/O contact closures


  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Two USB jacks
  • Operates on 3G/4G networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and POTS (with optional POTS modem)


  • 5 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Can also be controlled with web browser, Codec Commander, or Fleet Commander

Brochure (ACCESS-NX_Brochure.pdf, 814 Kb) [Download]

Manual (NX-Manual.pdf, 8,654 Kb) [Download]

Lead time of approximately 4 weeks

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