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24-channel console; 12 faders + 12 Virtual Radio channels


UNIDEX CONSOLE DIGITAL IP model UX24 - channel console; 12 faders + 12 Virtual Radio channels 

Spend less than 2 minutes to get to know UX24 : watch the video below

This is the most advanced IP console we have created with UNIDEX technology (UNIversal-Desk-with-EXternal adapters).

The console is based on a panel of attenuators that handles 24 channels and to which you can add ALL the necessary and future devices that technology invents. 

Only the Solidyne UX 24 can guarantee the future via the UNIDEX adapters remotely controllable from the console.



The UNIDEX inputs accept UDX Adapters that connect over a data bus to the console CPU. This allows the operator to manage from any channel of the console all kinds of actions such as operating telephone lines (POT, VoxIP), connecting cell phones via Bluetooth, Linphone or Skype communications, setting up conferences between all of them, installing intercoms, managing TV cameras in automatically operated by microphones and all the new technologies that continue to be invented. Using the 24 channels of the console, without the need to use expensive special modules

No other console offers you the new UNIDEX technology ...


Advantages of operating with Bluetooth 4.0

  • The first advantage is a better audio quality since the connection with the cell phone is DIGITAL. Link 4.0 has a 50 - 8,000 Hz response that covers the entire vocal range. But it also offers notable advantages for journalism, since it is possible to connect the console in seconds with the journalist's private cell phone to make reports to people whose confidential telephone number he does not wish to reveal. We can imagine a lawyer who contacts his client or a Star Manager who gives us a report to one of their stars or multiple situations in which we can obtain an exclusive report that we could not otherwise achieve. If to this we add that the cell phones of officials or entertainment stars are only attended when the cell phone that calls them is that of an acquaintance,


The UX24 is totally INTEGRAL, maintaining the current wiring of your studio since you do not need to use an AoIP network, which lowers installation costs. But the version with AoIP Dante AES67 is the perfect solution for those who want to have EVERYTHING ..... and without cables in sight

The UX24-A67 is the perfect solution because it handles a third of its capacity over AoIP and maintains the rest for direct connections to the console. 

This allows you:

  • The outputs for headphones and studio monitors will have them on the console (and not in a distant rack ...)
  • The 4-channel and 16-channel USB connections used by PCs (in front of the operator) will be on the console
  • The booth microphone inputs will be on the console
  • The AES3 / Spdif Inputs / Outputs of the control table devices are in the console (and not in a remote rack)
  • The inputs for the Studio microphones (which are in front of the operator) are also on the console
  • In this way, the existing wiring in a studio IS PRESERVED unchanged. The flexible cables attached to the tiny RJ45 connectors disappear from view because they are covered by the removable aluminum termination on the console


But we also have 16 x 16 channels with Dante AES67 which gives us the additional power of the UX24.

If, in addition to the booth and studio microphones, we need more distant microphones, we can connect UDX-2MIC-A67 Adapters and have remote microphones anywhere in the studios.
If we need remote PCs, we place an AoIP driver that generates virtual audio cards.

We can also connect audio monitors, headphones, intercoms, AVIO cable adapters, Hybrids and any other compatible device to the AoIP network.

There are no limits for Dante AES67 networks


The two technologies; integrated and AoIP, are present in the UX24-A67 version

Watch a video explaining the advantages of the UNIDEX consoles that, because they are   Integrated + IP,  allow great ease of installation and IP flexibility due to the simultaneous use of both technologies.


The UX 24 console handles 2 Studies directly, but its large capacity allows it to handle other studies over IP.

Its handling capacity of 32 inputs allows to operate new studies by IP from any PC or Tablet connected to the radio's LAN network. It can be operated using WiFi inside the studios. Remotely a journalist or DJ can operate a radio program from home, using a common PC.

Using a PC with a Touch Screen you have a Virtual Radio with ease of handling Production, Editing, News and Reports studios



Complete Virtual Radio Studios

The program host can also self-operate within the Voiceover Studio to be with the guests


A journalist can operate within the Study


The UX 24 has a USB connector to handle 16 channel digital audio; 8 in x 8 out, appearing on your PC as 4 stereo audio WDM Play / Rec cards

They are 24bit 48khz simultaneous ASIO & WDM professional audio connections, without delay, used in recording studios. Using the ASIO standard allows the UX 24 to be connected to free plug -ins,  VST (Virtual Studio Technology) to handle Reverb, Vocoder, Special Effects, Synthesizers, etc.

The sound of your radio on the air will have a special charm that will leave your competitors behind ...


The UX24 can modify its programming from its touch screen, without requiring external PCs.

Input and output channels can be defined, names that will appear on the OLED displays and functions such as microphones, lines, satellites, Hybrids, Cell phones, etc.

There are also 3- and 4-band parametric EQs to assign to specific inputs, as well as expanders, gates, compressors, limiters, and De-essers.

All the settings that the operator makes can be saved as "Scenes" with the name of the operator or the program in which those settings will be used. In this way they can be repeated at the touch of a button


UX24 handles AoIP over the Internet

It has 2 outputs and an input that are used for direct streaming, without a PC, or to connect with a transmitter plant and repeater stations. You do NOT need to purchase STL links. It also allows you to link to remote studies


The console comes ready for Multimedia Radio

It has an IP connection to automatically control the camera switcher based on the sound level of the microphones. Choose the shots of the journalists who are speaking at the time. In case of dialogue between them, the switcher divides the screen into two parts


It does not require any preventive maintenance.
It has its electronic systems and parts subject to wear and tear divided into plug-in modules, easily changeable. Even its 20-year-old conductive ceramic "feather touch" dimmers ... are plug-in


If you need more attenuators ... you can add them in the time it takes to pass a CD

The UX24 comes ready to add the UX-6 extenders in a very simple way to bring it to 18 or 24 attenuators.

The console grows with your radio

We do not know another so flexible IP console


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