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Low Cost 12/16 Channel On-Air Consoles


DX816 - 12 channel Digital console with optional AoIP

DX822 - 16 channel Digital console with optional AoIP

With Solidyne the future is today ...



  • Low Cost 12/16 Channel On-Air Consoles
  • 2 digital stereo inputs via USB
  • 2 USB stereo digital outputs (PGM and REC)
  • Long-life illuminated professional keypads
  • 4-band equalizer for microphones
  • Audio Compressor to level the sound of the microphones
  • Mini Service Center with 3 telephone lines + SKYPE
  • 3 Conference phone hybrids; 2 landlines and a cell phone via Bluetooth without cables
  • Professional Conductive Ceramic Dimmers with 15 Years of Life
  • 4 precision LED VU meters + compression level
  • Mic Master Control button to all MICs Simultaneously
  • PRO option: USB-data for audio triggering on PC and managing TV cameras in multimedia
  • AoIP option: add 4/8 AoIP channels. Connection between studios or transmitting plant
  • AES option: 2 AES3 / SPDIF digital outputs for PGM and REC



  • DX816 Digital audio console : 5 MIC + 4 LINE + 3 PHONE HYBRIDS
  • DX822 Digital audio console : 10 MIC + 4 LINE + 2 PHONE HYBRIDS + CELL PHONE



The 16 channel DX822 console is the same as the DX816 but with 2 x 5-microphone modules instead of one.

  • It has 16 channels (MIC 10 + 4 + 2 LIN telephone lines) // Total of 22 inputs MIC = 10 + 6 + 2 LIN stereo USB Digital Telephone + 3 + Tuner hybrids
  • It has option for 4 and 8 AoIP channels as well as for two AES digital outputs


The DX816 and 822 consoles, sold in 65 countries, mark a world milestone in advanced technology for new radio studios with limited budgets.
They offer balanced digital and analog inputs and outputs that meet all the needs of modern Radio, Production, News and TV channels

The attenuators are 15-year-old conductive ceramic and have ETM-VCA control that prevents the possibility of noise. It also includes 3 conference telephone hybrids managed by illuminated keypads. One of them operates cell phones via Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly.

The console has independent stereo outputs for Air and Recordings and 5 monitoring channels

This way you can do two tasks at the same time.

The 5 microphones (10 in the 822 model) have a 4-band equalizer switchable to PGM or REC, specially designed for the human voice. Your announcers will have that special sound of the big consoles at a very high price, which your listeners will love.


4-band qualifier curves


Five dynamic microphones are driven on the DX816 from three faders. Or three condenser MICs with 48V phantom.
The console offers GPIO outputs for MIC and Line.


A Master MIC button on the panel sends all MICs on air.
A Tally Light that can be seen from all directions indicates to announcers that the console is ON AIR.


Solidyne consoles are the only consoles in the world to offer the new 15-year-long Conductive Ceramic dimmer technology. They are easily recognized for their remarkable softness as they can be moved by supporting a feather ...

The DX816 attenuators have a very different construction than conventional attenuators, as they slide smoothly on two cylindrical silver-steel bars with Teflon bushings. Solidyne's exclusive ETM-VCA technology means that console audio never passes through
a carbon track and therefore lasts for over 15 years.


The control turret indicates the number of digital channels used and can reach 8 channels with the two USB inputs / outputs connected.
At the bottom is the action of the audio compressor that levels the sound of all the microphones.
This exclusive device for Solidyne consoles allows you to automatically level, without using attenuators, the sound intensity of each of the speakers, thus ensuring that all of them can be heard on the air in a natural and perfect way.


USB digital connections combined with a Mini Three-line Telephone Exchange with Bluetooth

The two USB inputs of the DX816 allow a direct connection to one or two PC computers, without the need for audio cards and with a sound quality superior to that of more expensive cards. It allows you to play music from the automation software and trigger your announcements or sound effects just by opening the fader. It also allows direct connection to Skype and other free programs to communicate in conference and at no cost with everyone with digital sound quality.


Press the VOX IP button to enter a Skype conference. Another Solidyne exclusive


An advanced 5-channel monitor panel allows independent management of 4 independent stereo outputs for: monitor control, headphones control, studio monitor and studio headphones

The console includes a mini-telephone exchange so that the operator or journalist can manage the attention of lines without help. Incoming calls cause the buttons to blink blue. Pressing the button turns red and attends the line in private, being able to talk hands-free with the operator.
Going up to the attenuator puts the line on the air in a conference of up to three simultaneous lines.
Everything is automatic due to its control logic.

The hybrid operates on both PGM and the Record channel.


It incorporates THREE telephone hybrids operated with 3-color illuminated keypads. The two fixed lines indicate call in blue turning red when going on the air.


The cell phone line is managed wirelessly by Bluetooth with a digital audio connection to the console, achieving excellent sound on the air.

Bluetooth is a wireless link that cell phones have. It is an international standard that replaces the annoying cables and connectors that were previously used. It has a range of 10 meters. The audio quality is much higher than the connection with cables since the Bluetooth link is DIGITAL and eliminates the distortion of the internal Codecs of the cell phone.

Solidyne is a pioneer in supporting Bluetooth technology in its consoles and telephone hybrids.

Advantages of operating with Bluetooth

The DX816 and 822 consoles offer this remarkable possibility that other brands do not have.

  • It offers notable advantages for journalism, since it is possible to connect the console in seconds with the journalist's private cell phone to make reports to people whose confidential telephone number he does not wish to reveal. We can imagine a lawyer who contacts his client or a Star Manager who gives us a report to one of their stars or multiple situations in which we can obtain an exclusive report that we could not otherwise achieve. If to this we add that the cell phones of officials or entertainment stars are only attended when the cell phone that calls them is that of an acquaintance, we can realize the remarkable power of this exclusive Solidyne technology.



Very simple connection and a wide range of optional accessories

The DX816 is connected with standard connectors, but also incorporates standard RJ45 connectors.
The use of the advanced connection system with shielded RJ45 cables, compatible with StudioHUB, simplifies
the connection between Solidyne products and other modern brands.


HD3 Box

Distributor of 3 headphones + Air Light + Speaker level + Double listening channel + Intercom with operator.
Up to 3 x HD3 can be connected to the console. Includes 5 meter RJ45 cable.


HD5-Studio Box

Distributor of 5 headphones + Air Light + Speaker level + Double listening channel + Intercom with operator + Clock + On-air time timer.
Up to 2 x HD5 can be connected to the console. Includes 5 meter RJ45 cable.



The entire front panel is covered in laminated plastic printed on the reverse in 3 shades of gray. It is impossible to wear it out even after many years of use.

The extra-flat cabinet, exclusive to Solidyne, allows it to be placed on a table without the need to cut it. Allowing a very comfortable handling without tiring the operator as the hands are at the same level as the arms

The AoIP option allows the console output to be sent directly over the Internet to the transmitting plant with the digital quality of a CD.
The RDS signal from the PC and even the type of music being played is also sent so that the audio processor automatically adjusts to the type of music played.


Your radio will always sound BETTER than the competition. Say goodbye to old analog links.
If your processor does not have AoIP audio input, you can use the Solidyne ADA102 decoder.
If you do not have Internet in the transmitter plant, an inexpensive 3G / 4G modem will solve the problem.

It will also be possible to interconnect with CD quality through AoIP technology with other consoles from other studios either in the same building or at different sites.


Modular electronics for easy maintenance

All electronics, keypads and controls are mounted in 6 plug-in modules that allow quick replacement. It is the great solution for studios that do not have high-tech equipment maintenance technicians.
Employs external modular power supply operating at 90 - 250 VAC @ 50/60 Hz.


Rear panel view of a DX816 connectorized for quick installation

In addition to standard connectors, it also uses the latest technology RJ45 audio connectors.

audio Inputs

  • 5 MIC balanced inputs (XLR) [10 MICs in DX822]
  • Fader-1 = MIC1 // Fader-2 = MIC2 + MIC4 // Fader-3 = MIC3 + MIC5
  • 2 balanced stereo Line inputs (RJ45)
  • 2 unbalanced stereo Line inputs (RCA)
  • 1 unbalanced stereo input Tuner (On Air Monitor) (TRS)
  • 2 Digital stereo Line inputs (USB)

Inputs Level & Impedance

  • Balanced MIC = -10 dBu / -75 dBu; 150/250 Ohms
  • Balanced LINE = -20 dBu / + 26 dBu; 600 ~ 10Kohms
  • Unbalanced LINE = -15 dBu / + 12 dBu; 600 ~ 10Kohms
  • Digital: -12 dB FS to -18 dB FS

Phantom Power

  • 3 x condenser MIC inputs in DX816 or 6 x condenser MICs in DX822 With 48 V power supply internal phantom
  • Switchable ON / OFF

Analog & Digital Outputs

  • 2 outputs stereo bus; PGM & REC, balanced + 4 dBm
  • Max Level + 28dBu (10K), + 20dBm (600 ohms) RJ45 connector
  • 2 UNBAL stereo bus outs (PGM & REC) at 0 dBu, TRS connector
  • 2 x USB Digital Stereo outputs (PGM & REC)
  • 2 x Digital Stereo AoIP Outs (Option: AoIP) (RJ45)
  • 2 x Digital AES Outs (Option: 2AES); PGM & REC (RJ45)

Digital Input / Output Level

  • It uses the K-12 recommendation for broadcating;
  • Then, 0 VU is at -12 dB Full Scale level

Tally Light Out

  • ON-AIR signal output (turns on When MIC is open)
  • 12 V dc @ 0.15 amp (two Solidyne On-Air Tally light)
  • With automatic recovery Overload protected

Monitor & Hybrid Outputs

  • 1 Stereo Studio, 0 dBu for active speakers, muted (RJ45)
  • 1 Stereo Control, 0 dBu for active speakers, muted (Mini-jack)
  • 1 Stereo Studio Headphones, with Distribution AMP up to
  • ... 8 headphones, + 10 dBu out (RJ45)
  • 1 Stereo Control Headphones, + 10 dBu Out (Mini-Jack)
  • 1 External Hybrid send (MIX-Minus) +4 dBu / 10K (TRS)

CUE Monitor

  • Monitor CUE Amplifier monkey added at L & R channels of monitor output. Level controlled at front panel


  • 24 dB @ LIN to PGM Ref + 4dBu / 10k

GPIO (start external devices)

  • From MIC-1, MIC-2 MIC-3 faders in DX816 [MIC-1 ... .. MIC-6 in DX822]
  • From Line 6 & 7
  • Open collector: max + 24V @ 0.1A

Frequency response

  • 20-20,000 Hz +/- 0.5 dB (LIN to PGM)

MIC Equalizer

  • One MIC equalizer in DX816; two in DX822
  • With Four Bands MIC EQ In / Out switch; 80 Hz top flat curve, shaped bell 160 Hz, 6.3 kHz bell shaped, flat top 10 kHz
  • Action + 15 dB / -15 dB

Compressor MIC

  • Low distortion MIC compressor Automatically It works over 0 VU level. 20 dB max compression. Attack time <10 ms.
  • Compression ratio: <2 dB 15 dB variation for level change MIC


  • MIC input, EIN = -120 dBu / 150 ohms
  • LINE input, S / N> 75 dBA

Dynamic Range

  • From Line to PGM> 90 dBA (CD quality)


  • PGM-REC> 70 dBA @ 1 kHz


  • From Line to PGM out <0.03% THD @ 30-15000 Hz.


  • From Line to PGM, <3rd L & R @ 50-10,000 Hz

Stereo Tracking

  • Below 0.2 dB Error L / R in fader range 0 to 40 dB

Telephone Hybrid Specs

  • 3 line active Hybrid (2 land lines + Cellular Phone with Bluetooth 4.0 high quality 16 kHz sampling)
  • It includes a mini-PBX with blue LED silent ringer, Line attention with free hands operation (LED network), and Transfer Line
  • Frequency Response: 300-3400 Hz
  • Noise:> 60 dBA S / N
  • Rejection:> 40 dB rejection
  • Rejection adjust in front panel preset
  • Preference atenuator: 12 dB Local speaker interrupt priority
  • Automatic On-Air logic: Audio & Logic are managed from a single 100mm slide fader That performs
  • all the operations in fault-free mode:
  • ** CUE (Fader closed) with private hands free Talk
  • ** Hold With Air return to the caller
  • ** Live: On Air Level Control

Telephone lightning discharge safety input

  • Telephone Hybrid inputs are transformer floating to meet the Public Telephone service isolation standards.
  • Tested for lightning discharge of 2,000 volts. Protected With SIOV Varistors

Talkback Microphone

  • Included Talkback MIC, with Audio Limiter. Noise Canceled PZM type.
  • Outputs to Phone Line Hybrid or Studio Speakers & Headphones.

VU-meters and compression level

  • 4 electronic VU-meters for PGM & REC. Quasi peak reading
  • Microphone compressor indicator 0-15 dB


  • External switching power supply 90-240 V @ 50/60 Hz
  • Power = 30 W [28V @ 1A]

Dimensions & Weight

  • DX816 = 550 (W) x 350 (D) x 130 mm
  • DX822 = 700 (W) x 350 (D) x 130 mm

Brochure (DX816_brochure.pdf, 3,590 Kb) [Download]

Manual (DX816-822_ENG_Revision_2019-11.pdf, 1,046 Kb) [Download]

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