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In-line unit to adapt equipment with 48 volt phantom powering to supply T-powered microphones


In-line unit to adapt equipment with 48 volt phantom powering (eg. ENG mixers) to supply T-powered microphones. Phantom power end is XLR 3 pin male, T-power end is XLR 3 pin female. For best results, this unit should be located as near as possible to the microphone.

This device converts 48 volts from a standard phantom power feed to an A-B 12 volt supply for T-powered microphones. Contained in an XLR barrel there is minimum insertion loss to audio signals. Phantom power should be applied to the male XLR. The T-power appears at the female XLR connector. Pin 2 of the female XLR provides +12VDC relative to pin 3.

Note: For best performance it is recommended that the converter be used connected directly to the microphone.

Voltage out : 12V DC ±0.6V (to BS 6840: Part 15:1988)
Maximum current out : 9mA ± 1mA 
AB feed resistors : 180 ohms ± 0.25% (to BS 6840: Part 15:1988)
Frequency response : 30Hz to 30KHz ±1dB into 1Kohms minimum load
Insertion loss : < 0.1dB at 1KHz 
THD : Unmeasurable 
Dimension : 95mm long x 19mm diameter 
Weight : 80 grams 
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