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Single channel analogue, digital control via GPIO


This is a 1U analogue hybrid with digital control that separates the send and receive circuits of a normal, 2 wire PSTN telephone line allowing a phone line to be connected to a broadcast mixers via two separate connections, in and out.. Dialling is via an externally connected handset, and line connection and balancing is via front panel controls. This is an active unit with an internal mains power supply.

The front panel has a large connect button for connecting and disconnecting the caller to the hybrid. It will flash when there is an incoming call to act as a visual aid. There are variable controls for adjusting the low cut and high cut for optimal sound quality. A separate button mutes communication to the mixer to allow private conversations on the handset. It has automatic gain adjustment of the incoming caller audio when there is audio coming in from the mixer. This prevents the callers from being able to talk over the presenter.

The rear panel has an RJ11 socket for the line connection to the wall phone socket. A second RJ11 socket is for connecting a handset for establishing the phone call and off air communications with the caller. The audio input, from mixer to caller is on a balanced female 3-pin XLR, and the audio output, from caller to mixer is on a balanced male 3-pin XLR. There are miniature 'DIP' switches for pre-selected capacitive balance and a screwdriver operated control to adjust the resistive balance. There is a 9-pin D-sub connector that carries balanced audio send and return, plus GPIO. There is also a separate GPI on a 6.35mm jack socket.

Send output: Electronically balanced 3-pin female XLR, 10k ohms. Receive input: Electronically balanced 3-pin male XLR, 50 ohms. Common mode rejection: Better than 40dB. Maximum input/output level: +26dBu. Nominal input/output level: +4dBu. Frequency response 20Hz - 15kHz (-3dB variable via HC and LC filters). Bandwidth to telephone line; 250Hz - 4kHz, -3dB ref 1 kHz. Telephone line impedance: Nominally 600 ohms. 


Impedance 10k Ohm, electronically balanced
Common mode rejection >40dB
Maximum input level +26dBu
Nominal input level +4 dBu
Frequency response 20Hz – 15kHz (-3dB variable via HC and LC filters)
Connectors XLR type 3 pin female
Gain range receive control 40dB


Impedance < 50 Ohm, electronically balanced
Common mode rejection >40dB
Maximum output level +26dBu
Nominal output level +4 dBu
Bandwidth to telephone line 250Hz – 4kHz, -3dB ref 1 kHz
Telephone line impedance Nominally 600 ohm
Telephone line impedance range 300 ohm to 1500 ohm
Connectors XLR type 3 pin male
Gain range send control +6dB to –20dB


Distortion Less than 0.1% (0dBu out)
Power supply 115v / 230 v AC / 50/60Hz (factory set, NOT do this yourself)
Power consumption 10VA Maximum
Dimensions 1 HE front panel: 482x44mm
  Frame: 430x41x175mm (width x height x depth)

Brochure (100_datasheet.pdf, 1,057 Kb) [Download]

Manual (95-8688_D_R-hybrid-2-manual-smd-1.04.pdf, 794 Kb) [Download]

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