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Single channel analogue telephone interface


D&R's newest Telephone Hybrid-1 is an interface between a standard telephone line and a mixing console.  Its purpose is to enable to record or broadcast a conversation between a caller and a presenter in an easy way. Superb audio separation between in and outgoing signals are achieved by carefully designed internal circuitry. It is a problem solver for changing two wire communication into a four wire system with separate in and outputs.

With its Private "TO CALLER" button you can easily temporarily disconnect the caller from the mixer (broadcast) for private conversations.

Intended for use in environments such as radio broadcasting, telephone balance units and hybrids interface a telephone connection to the studio equipment. This range includes analogue and digitally-controlled analogue models for use with an analogue PSTN (POTS) telephone line and a digital hybrid for use with the GSM mobile telephone network.

The Hybrid 1 separates the send and receive circuits of a normal, 2-wire, PSTN telephone line, allowing the phone line to be connected to a broadcast mixer via two separate connections, in and out. The call is dialled via an externally connected handset and line connection and the hybrid is balanced manually using controls on the front panel. A power supply is not required as the unit is line-powered from the phone line.

The Hybrid 1 is 1U high and half-rack width. The front panel has a large connect button for connecting and disconnecting the caller to the hybrid. There are controls for adjusting the resistive and capacitive balance for optimal rejection of the outgoing cue signal on any given line for a separation figure of 30dB. A separate button mutes communication to the mixer to allow private conversations on the handset.

The rear panel has an RJ11 socket for the line connection to the wall phone socket. A second RJ11 socket is for connecting a handset for establishing the phone call and off air communications with the caller. The audio inputs to and from the mixer are on balanced 6.35mm jack sockets.

  • Output: Balanced mic level -20dB
  • Input: Line level 0 dBu balanced
  • R/C balance: Fully adjustable separation to more than 30dB

Brochure (hybrid1-2-brochure.pdf, 2,469 Kb) [Download]

Manual (telephone-hybrid-1-manual-v1.06.pdf, 2,080 Kb) [Download]

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